Bali is bracing up to break its Bars!

As the world is stuck with the raw deal of COVID-19 pandemic, it is bettering with baby steps forward every day. Bali being the major touring spot in South East Asia, it has suffered setbacks due to the mishap of pandemic. Bali is an Island where its major economy is driven by tourism activities, barriers imposed in travel and entry of outsiders to prevent the spread of contagious corona virus has affected the region’s economic balance. With the fortune of vaccines to fight the virus, Bali is all set to brace up to break its bars and get back to business.

The Bali government is keen in the planning of reopening the gates for tourism with all safety measures. Considering all the edges, they are said to deploy their actions in 3 phases. The first phase is said to roll out in April 2021, where the hotels are prepped up with customized tour packages, allotting quarantine and isolation rooms as per protocols. And Simultaneous disposal of vaccination across the region, along with tracing and testing trials also said to be carried out. In May, the Second phase’s measures include the green zones where the protocols are tightened on entering and exit of home tourists. Subsequently the third phase is to wire up from June for international tourism after severe scrutiny of safety protocols and simulations.

On the other hand Bali Tourism & Creative economy officials are coming up with “Travel Corridor Program”. This program is set up promoting “strict reopening” of Bali with various names “COVID-19 safe travel” & “Free COVID corridor”. Under this program, the Bali government extends tourism entry to countries which are more secure with higher COVID control & safety measures and also seeks reciprocal benefits. However the finalization between the countries depends upon their arrangement. Besides various regulations and pacts Bali also takes immense efforts to make sure the island is safe to tackle all health crises. International Airports in Bali are equipped with GeNose COVID-19 PCR test and breath-analyzer kits for both domestic and foreign travellers enforcing strict screening protocols.

           Bali is climbing up stronger and faster to reopen its gates, by the end of June 4.3 million people will be vaccinated and it is to be reached by all the inmates of Green Zones – Ubud, Nusa Dua & Sanur.  Hopefully by July 2021 Bali is open to have fun, so pack your back packs guys to relish the Bali breeze and ensure your merry stay at Villa Gita Resorts. 

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