Explore the underworld at Bali

The most astounding moments in life can be lived under the waves. If you are still contemplating this fact let yourself sink in the Bali oceans. Bali Islands is filthy rich in its marine ecosystem with its widespread blue bed of waters all around. And if you are in the lands of Bali never miss a chance of a snorkeling trip. This gives you a lifetime experience and unleashes yourself in the deepest of the sea, where your eyes are open and you hear your own self. There are bunches of areas where you can go snorkeling in Bali where you can witness the exotic fishes, turtles and coral reefs.

The best time to go snorkeling is in the dry seasons of Bali- April to September, and the mornings on these days will awe you with spectacular views and the seas are usually calm for a smooth experience. Snorkeling at Padang Bai is lively and easy for families to enjoy the blue lagoons. Virgin Beach is another vista known for its hidden beach and white sands. Here tourists can explore the Tropical fishes, turtles and stress of coral reefs starting from 5-10km from the shore. Snorkeling tour at Tulamben & Ahmed can be planned for a scenic view of Mt.Agung and its black sand beaches. In the sapphire waters of Ahmed, rich marine life, abundant coral reefs showing a dazzling view and Shipwreck from WWII Japanese Patrol Boat can be spotted. At morning waters of Tulamben corals and rare varieties of fish are beamed.

Tulamben is also known for its USAT Liberty Wreck and Coral garden. The snorkelers can see the buoys by the wreck as it’s only a few meters deep from the sea surface. Adjacent to the wreck coral gardens are found close to the shore, in shallow and calm waters and some have also identified the underwater temples. In Northwest Bali, Menjangan Island is known for its Bali Barat National Park, where diverse marine reserves, preserved natural corals, turtles, shore birds, and strange incidents of deer bathing in the seas can be witnessed. Pemuturan Bay holds the largest artificial Coral Reef projects popularly called as Bio-rock Complex Conservation with a trail of length 300mts.

Nusa Islands are often visited for the alluring under sea world, manta rays and corals. Snorkeling with Sharks can also be experienced in Bali. An artificial shark island has been created in Serangan for tourists to enjoy. Other than all these snorkeling joints there are few more off shore snorkel sports, where you can hire a boat to reach the spot and trial it. Snorkeling is one of the must try adventure sports in Bali and it promises you the most enticing hidden beauties of God’s creation when you are left alone with nature.

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