Grab your Spa Day in Bali !

Bali is extensively known as a Paradise Island for its natural richness that attracts tourists; furthermore the land is brimming with all the variant add on fun that outsiders would deem it as a perfect holiday destination. Spas are the cherry on your ice-cream that completes your vacation and it is one of the best choices when you are in Bali, it may sound like a luxury but trust me folks it doesn’t make a big difference to your wallet. Spas vary from a few hours of facial or massage session to expansive pampering destination, so do get some prior inputs and choose your package based on your needs.

Travelling back to ancient era spa is referred to the naturally occurring thermal springs where the water is lush with medicinal benefits. In today’s scenario Spas are taking a new form of bathing & relaxing therapies that leads to the physical & mental well-being of humans. There are many Spa types such as Day Spas / Hotel Spas which gives you facial and massages with other salon services such as manicure and pedicure. Destination Spas / Resort Spas – these are generally taken over a period of time that indulges you in yoga, meditation, fitness programs or detox regime. Brood over guys, picking your Spa spot is more important than customizing your services. Thumb rules that you should be concerned about are ambience, cleanliness, and standard treatment procedures & facilities at the center. The meticulous attention and efforts behind every detail from curating the spa menu, training the staff with expertise, spare towels, handy toiletries, additional hooks & gowns near the water tubs all these minor comfort compose a spa hub desirable.

Once you are fortunate to find a good spa clinic the next bigger stigma that alarms at the back of the mind is to take off the clothes for a spa session especially for the first timers. Relax mates you will be provided with long robes, disposable body coverings apparently fix in mind none is hasty in judging your body. All you have to do is take a deep breath, stretch, relax every muscle and enjoy the soothing massage, balmy aroma and the pleasant music filling the room. Spas do promise a bunch of health benefits to our body. It helps to improve your blood circulation thereby reducing the blood pressure. The massage eases the cramped muscles relieving aches and pain points, furthermore facial routines aids to healthy and radiant skin. Certain techniques such as hot treatment leads to burning calories thus bolster weight loss and detox. The plenary process of Spa therapy enriches your cells with the happy molecule serotonin thus it elevates your good spirits and sways better sleep time.

Like other sides of the coin, spa sessions also may embroil certain risks such as dehydration or heat stroke if individuals are weak and sensitive to heat. Just so if you are about to binge in for a spa day make sure you gobble liters of water prior & post your session for effective results.

Have you heard of this random saying “When Health is lost, everything is lost” so do treat yourself with a pampering curl up it deserves. Never miss out to seize your “me time” folks!

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