Pool and Jacuzzi

Bali is a paradise to go on a water spree especially when you are in the villa Candidasa. Beach vacations would not be completed without meddling in sand and water. In Villa Gita resorts the Pool setup is placed by the beach to enjoy its atmosphere. Beach umbrellas and sunbeds are laid out in such a way to recreate an oceanic ambiance in the villa. On one corner  of the pool a distinct place has been organized for massage and therapy. This massage corner has been designed with wood and natural materials to give out traditional vibes, this entire view hits you impressively hard  that you are relaxing in Bali.

A jacuzzi is placed separately by the pool so that guests can choose the place where they prefer to freshen up. Jacuzzi is used for those who want to refresh the mind and body using warm water and bubble sensation. Warm water is believed to have the power to restore the energy that has been lost during the day. Vacation time is a great time to indulge with a soak in warm water and feel the sensation of bubbles.

Pool is also highly recommended to refresh your body. Besides having a good effect on health, swimming is also able to make your muscles stronger. Your stamina will be rebuilt  after swimming. Swimming in the pool or soaking in the jacuzzi is the right choice when you’re inside the villa Candidasa. This activity could treat aches and pains that arise after you are tired of running to the various attractions in Bali.