Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

At Villa Gita, guests are provided with a complimentary breakfast. The staff are trained to cook a variety of local and international dishes. Many Western meals are available, but we recommend you to try some of the local Balinese dishes for a unique cultural experience! Dinner parties and small functions can all be catered within the villa for group of maximum 10 guests – please ask the chef or manager for more details, whether you are requesting breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. Please click here to see Menu

Food & Beverage Charges

Food and beverage items are charged based on a menu system. Please ask your manager if you wish to check your daily expenses.

Special Requests & Dietary Requirements

Should you have a request for a dish not on the menu, or a special dietary requirement, please feel free to ask our chef, who will strive to comply with all of your wishes.

Large Dining Groups

If you have a large group it is advisable that the group dines on the same dish or that you order several dishes to be shared. Please allow at least one day’s notice, and feel free to discuss any requirements with the chef or villa manager.