Car and Boat Rental

Transport is one of the major tasks to be considered while planning a vacation especially for touring in and around the destination to witness the must-see spots. If there is a hurdle in getting a vehicle to roam you around, you might miss exotic locations at specific timings. Also traveling to destinations spots in one’s own vehicles is also not possible by many. Thus Connectivity across the city is also a key criteria that determines the tourism in-flow of a place. Villa Gita aids their guests with a worry free vacation by providing them rental cars and boat services. Cars are available from the very start they land at Bali airport. These cars can be hired with a driver and also handy for self driving. Bali land is also rich in oceanic beauty. It would be worthwhile experiencing the water sports and marine prosperity of Bali waters. Rental Boats might back you up for water rides and tours. Thus Villa Gita is fully in guard of their guest and makes sures they enjoy the destination utmost with them.

Car rental (with or without a driver) can be arranged after your arrival. Boat and Motorbike are also available for rental. Please contact our staff to arrange for this.