Babysitting is an art mastered by few trained babysitters. Taking care of newborns and toddlers is a really serious job to be done with care. Babysitting services on a vacation acts a boon to many moms. Babies can be cranky due to the travel, change in place and weather this may also spoil the vacay mood of the parents. Also babies need close care in a new place as there are chances of them falling sick. All these unfortunate reasons lie as major red flags to travel for families with babies and toddlers. Thus Villa Gita Bali provides services to pamper your babies on your holiday time. Moms can enjoy touring the city all day with no pressure in their minds. Babysitting services in Villa Gita are equipped with experienced staff members following all safety measures, the ambiance framed child friendly and vibrant for kids to enjoy their time there.

 Babysitting services can be provided on request. Currently the rate is IDR 100,000 (USD 7)/hour.

Please make a mark that these dues will be attached to your final bill. No payments are to be made directly to the staff.