Top 10 Spots for Scuba Diving In Bali

Bali is a blessed land filled with natural diversity. Marine ecosystem in Bali is one of the major marvels to be discovered. Various adventure water sports such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling are the best way to witness them.  Bali is a destination where you can explore some of the exquisite scuba diving sites in the world. This island comprises of: coral reefs, cave diving with traditional Balinese boat, exotic huge fish, muck diving and also technical diving. There are different diving locations in Bali suitable for various cadres of people such as beginners, for advanced divers, for snorkelers and for photography as well.

1. Amed

Amed is a right station for scuba divers looking for an authentic Balinese experience in the most blissful village. Usually to get to the dive sites, a short boat ride of 10 to 15 minutes is unavoidable. The Best part of diving in Amed is the transfer part to the dive site from the beach shore specifically with a traditional jukung boat. The jukung boat is native to Indonesian islands which is canoe in shape. It is put together with a gasoline engine, 2 outriggers and a triangular sail made of wood.

Prices at Amed: INR 1600 approximately for one dive

2. Menjangan Island

The Island got its name from the subtle Javan rusa deer, commonly known as Menjangan. The coastlines of this aloof island are seen with calm waters and are visible almost throughout the year thus giving the divers, the magnificent sights of the coral gardens and bountiful marine life. This chaste landscape attracts divers and snorkelers and corners of the world w to cherish the alluring beauty of the island and astounding underwater life. Reaching the Menjangan Island requires a permit which can be coordinated by the hotel you stay at.

Prices at Menjangan Island : INR 12,700 to INR 10,000

3. Pemuteran Bay

Pemuteran Bay is known for the dive in a monument. This is usually accessed by the local divers. The Bay’s rich ecosystem is protected under the environmental conservation program and marked as an archeological site. Here at the dive center a 4m high gateway of a traditional Balinese temple and Buddha, Ganesh, Krishna statues are seen. The most exciting part is at 30m deep, but now they also invite the beginners by elaborating a section at 15 m deep.

Prices at Pemuteran Bay : INR 2,600 per dive

4. Ceningan Wall, Nusa Penida

The Ceningan wall is one of the progressive, deepest and beloved dive sites for professional divers which reach up to 80m deep. Nusa Penida is a huge area which has been guarded for its unique marine life. One third of the entire area is covered by peculiar corals which make up a home for 256 species of corals and 576 colorful species of fish. This spot lies 20 km from Bali and can be reached by boat. The best time to explore here is from April to November where you can plan for a weekend dive trip to enjoy the waters, which are usually around 26-30°C degrees.

5. SD Point, Nusa Penida

SD Point in Nusa Penida is the point where you can dive with the heaviest bony fish , Mola Mola that weighs 1000kg. If you are an early riser you can witness the Mola Mola, they are found just below the surface in the mornings. These fishes are usually called Ocean Sunfish and they feed on sea jellyfish. They are sought after by many predators such as sharks and whales thus they have a higher reproduction rate. No of eggs the Female fishes produce at a time ranges up to 300,000,000 to maintain they breed in the ecosystem thus they hold a Guinness record.

 Price at Nusa Penida: INR approx. per dive 4300/-

6. Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is located in the Southeastern part of Bali and one of the 3 islands in “Nusa Penida” district . This island is quite secluded and keeps you of any noise & chaos. Nusa Lembongan is a learner’s paradise to work on the techniques and skills. This place dotted with number of free diving schools for tourists & inmates to scuba dive. Don’t worry they are packed with great dive masters to guide your experience. 

Price at Nusa Lembongan:  INR 3300 approximately per dive

7. Seraya Secrets

Seraya Secrets are known for their Muck Diving and remember the high time is in the night. “Muck” is broadly a silty seabed of volcanic sand that is black colored, where the most fascinating of the local creatures called the tiny treasures is found. These areas are called the sea nurseries as they are suitable for initial stages of development of species. It is best to go with a divemaster to spot the pipefish, nudibranchs or seahorses. Seraya Secrets have healthy and colorful abundant fauna which give opportunities for underwater photography to find rare species.

Price at  Seraya Secrets- INR 2000 to INR 2800 per dive

8. Tulamben

Tulamben is known for its colorful reefs in the depth that serves as a gift for divers and for its secret temple gardens. The historical US Cargo shipwreck – USAT Liberty is the classic of this diving reserve.The story behind this will awe you with remorse. During the 1942 battle, the US Army cargo ship was hit by a Japanese submarine from Lombok Strait. The US and Dutch tried to move this ship to Old Singaraja Sea Port but they failed. The ship ended on the Tulamben beach and was further carried down to 25m into the sea, by volcanic eruption of Mount Agung. Thus this pit now serves as a perfect dive spot.

Price at Tulamben- INR 4000 to INR 6000 approximately

9. Padang Bai

Padang bai beach diving site is most suitable for starters and beginners. The site is a few minutes away from the main beach. The marine fauna is filled with splendid creatures such as Reef Sharks, Pelagic Fishes, Pygmy SeaHorses and Various Rays. The night time dive into the blue lagoon is one worthwhile for most charming photography. 

Prices at Padang Bai- Starting from INR 5000 approximately

10. Candidasa

The Prime dive locality is around four tiny islands of Gili Biaha, Gili Selang , Gili Tepekong, & Gili Mimpang.  The water currents here are haphazard and tricky; it is best advocated for experienced divers with high precautions. The waters are usually chilly but these are the most renowned scuba points in Bali. The marine life here is noted with different types of sharks such wobbegong shark, Cat shark etc… To add on to its crown the coral reef also lines up the coastline.

Prices at Candidasa -Starting from INR 3500 approximately

Price List: (Approximately)

One Dive: INR 1700 – 2400

Discover Scuba: INR 4200 – 4900

Rescue Diver Course: INR 20,200 – 21, 700

Dive master Course: starts from INR 55, 900

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