Easy Scuba Diving Hand Signals You Should Know

Must Know ! Scuba Diving – Hand Signals 

Scuba diving is a sport that requires prior training before going for it in deep seas. One of the important things to be learnt is the hand signals for easy communication underwater. This is very essential as it keeps you together with your team and alerts them if one of you is in danger. So it is important to get it right to avoid miscommunication that may lead to a bad scuba trip. Below are the common signals that are widely known among the divers.

Hand SignalMeaningExplanation
Going UpThumbs up hand signal refers to “going up” or “ascending” reaching closer to the surface
Going DownThumbs down hand signal refers to “going down” or “descend” reaching deep down the waters
Something is wrongOpen hand that is tilted both ways represents something is wrong to intimate the fellow divers. It can be followed by other hand signals
OkThis Signal means everything is okay and the divers is comfortable under waters
StopOpen Hand signals other dive mates to stop, make sure everyone are ready before starting again
Slow DownAlerts other mates to slow down the pace may be to show or inform about the way forward.
Out of AirThis is an Emergency signal that you are out of air, to seek help from other divers to share the air before ending the dive.
Buddy UpTwo fingers together means buddy up and Stay together to remind divers to stay close and help if required.
ColdSome waters might be as cold as expected. If you feel cold and can’t bear it is important to use these signs and ascend up to take care of your body.
LookThis signal is used to make your fellow diver look at the same thing that you want them to see, and helps in better coordination.

The above are the basic and important hand gestures to be aware of before you dive into the waters. This will help you and other dive buddies in times of difficulty. Safety and practice is a main prerequisite for a scuba diving trip which gives a happy and relaxed experience.

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