Bali begins to re-open after 3 months long lockdown

Bali is one of the famous islands in Indonesia attracting millions of tourists every year. As per the record, more than 5 million people arrive at Bali every year.

The major attractions in the island includes bustling white-sand beaches, temples, scenic viewsand shopping centres. It’s been a major tourist attractions from several years and thus tourism has been a major source of revenue for the island.

However, the island has been locked for more than 3 months now due to corona virus attack and the fear of spread. Bali has recorded 1900 cases including 25 deaths. Following which, government of Indonesia decided to close the island in order to follow the health protocols and stop the virus from spreading. For the past 3 months govt. had restricted public activities such as crowded shopping areas, beaches, restaurants, bars etc.
The local government has decided to lift the lockdown which was enforced 3 months ago in order to revive the economy by providing tourists to visit the island but, tourists will have to face the stringent rules in airports, restaurants, hotels, beaches etc. The government also informed that the locals will be allowed to visit Bali from July 31st onwards whereas the foreigners will be allowed from September 11th.

The Indonesian government has released set of guidelines for domestic and foreign visitors to visit various tourist spots. The government also informed that they might close on certain tourist spots if there is hike in the virus infections again.

The tourism has been the major source of revenue for the island and hence, opening the island has become crucial to revive the economy of Bali.

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